Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 3, 4, and 5

Wow, so I am already behind on my "List Challenge" this is so very shocking (not really).  I guess whale I am at it now would be the time to admit this "List Challenge" is currently very dull, I mean up there with watching paint dry, a snail cross the road, reading Twitter updates, or watching the Olympics.  So I guess this in turn means that I am now dull, oh no say it isn't true?  Really though if it is I am currently ok with that because well I am in complete chill mood, I mean I can do a blog of my current shopping trips and buy for you if you really want!

Anyways because I started this I at least want to try to finish it so onward we (or well if anyone still reads this I) must go. 

Day 3: Things I Am Looking Forward To
I wonder if this means now or for life, maybe I will do two.


  • Cruse to Alaska next month with Ryan
  • Summer hikes and maybe if it ever cools off some camping
  • Going to a few of my favorite places while I am home (zoo, the Biltmore House, farmers market)
  • Getting my FBI background check back so we can get our paper work rolling for our next job.
  • Spending lots of time with my mom, dad and brother, oh and almost forgot the dog!
  • Seeing some of my friends
  • Finishing some of the many scrap books I have started
  • Making a quilt out of my old soccer t-shirts
  • My 4th anniversary with Ryan, yea no I am just a little excited.
  • Getting back in shape, and staying in shape this time
  • Soaking up some sun
  • Working on my love (or lack there of) of scuba diving
  • Summer reading
  • Drinks on the deck with my family (and some of Ryan's margaritas, oh yea they are good)
  • Walks, talks and shopping with my mom
  • Cleaning out  my room and closet
  • Having a great summer and enjoying this time that I am home
Well there are a ton for this one so I will just try to list a few.
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Seeing the world and learning about other cultures
  • Sky diving
  • Having a house or apartment
  • Having a dog or well dogs, I am a dog person
  • Maybe having land so I can have a pig, a cow, maybe a sheep, you know a little petting zoo.
I think you get I want to have a very interesting life.

Day 4: Today's Play list (Music And TV):

For music I am currently on the porch with my dad who likes to play Jazz and well other than that I have not had the radio on today.  Lately thought I have been loving Country from the 90's, anything Darius Rucker, Zack Brown Band, Jimmy Buffett, or Brad Paisley. 

For TV I think that crazy show Jerseylicious (you know where they do hair and makeup) was on when I was getting ready for dinner, then I watched an episode of How Do I Look (I hate the new set up they have) and then I watched a little golf earlier with my dad and well that was that for the TV today.  Later tonight Ryan and I might watch The Godfather 3 but who knows, I thought I missed American TV till I got home and now I am just seeing that people are nuts and I mean truly NUTS. 

I am now caught up but lets go on and do another day just becuase I am on here.
Day 5: Weekend/Week Goals

  • Workout at least 1 day (Did)
  • Clean my room and take somethings to GoodWill (Did but still need to do more)
  • Skype with Chasity (some how I missed my skype date)
  • Finish The Hangman's Daughter (finally DONE!! So happy about this)
  • Spend time with my mom and dad (did both days and had a great weekend because of it)
  • Cleanout my closet (oddly lookign forward to this)
  • Finish at least 1 scrapbook (tall order but I think I can do it)
  • Workout at least 4 times
  • Start and maybe finish another book
  • Get back into Beth Moore
  • Get some sun on my pasty white legs
  • Finish at least 1 of the many projects I have going on in my room (I think I am going to go for the photo frams I got that need frams and the tie wall that needs to come down)
  • Catch up on the last season of Dexter, not all of it but maybe at least 3 or 4 (dang Korea put me way behind)
  • Go to the libaray and figure out why in the world my libarary card doesn't work
  • Organize all the photos on my laptop and maybe print some of them off for the photo fram project I have going on
  • Spend some time shopping with mom (for anything food, shoes, cloths, wine, wahtever)
  • Maybe make it out to the golf corse and hit some balls
  • Premake some of my other list for this week because I am so hot and cold with blogging.
  • Over all just have a great week!
Ok well there you go a few days worth of list, I know fun fun!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week! 

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