Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

So I have spent the past two days just chilling with my mom and dad, not doing anything really fancy, or anything really planed out, but just handing out and spending some time together.  Saturday we went out for barbecue and did some shopping followed up by a nice family dinner, and then today we had fathers day quiche (one of my favorite foods ever) and then chicken wings and beer for dinner and now we are all just sitting outside reading or doing our own thing (one of my favorite things about being home, being together but still being able to do our own thing). 

My father always took an interest in me growing up and still does.  As a kid he coached my soccer teams, finger painted with me in the basement, flew kites with me outside, made a module train  and town (I have no clue if we ever finished it but I do remember doing paper mache in the basement and little baby trees), and brought us back postcards from whenever he had to travle.  

Just as my mom my father was always there for me, always supported me, and has gone out of his way to give me everything I could ever need or want in life. 

I wish I had a scaner becuase just last night I found most of my soccer photos from when I was a kid and would love to share them all with you, my dad even coached a few teams to win state (amazing I know).   However this photo will have to do, and hey it just happens to be one of the ones I love, well I can't lie I love them all.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day.

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