Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kindergarten- The Last Week

Ok so I guess I better at least finish my last week of kindergarten blog, even though I am still sad to have had to say good bye to some of my kindergarten kids (and well older ones too) I was happy to get out of there.

Monday was PE and it started off rough.  The kids spent the first fifteen minutes sitting (as close to quite I have ever seen them) as the teacher put on a stern look and talked in Korean.  After we did the warm up and danced to a few  songs the kids were crazy again and ended up sitting quietly once more. We then spent a few minutes doing different races before having to sit some more.  I feel for our PE teacher because our kids are crazy and not just normal crazy but ape shit crazy.

Tuesday was a sad day as we lost both Eric from K7 and his sister Grace from K6.  This really would not be a big deal for most schools but this means we now only have 6 students, please note that is for the whole school.

Art & Music was uneventful with K6 as we made trees.

Science  with K7 was amusing as the boys learned about springs and made a Bob In The Box.  One little boy was so cute, he would knock on the box and say "Bob, Bob?" "Megan Teacher I think Bob is a sleeping" "Bob, Bob?" and then yelling at the top of his lungs "BOB!" to which I finally just woke Bob up for him.  Aww I miss that kid.

Wednesday was more or less a sad day as I only had one student to teach Science K6 to.  We made pinwheels that attached to a stick and board with a straw.  We should of been able to blow into the straw and move the pinwheel but yet again thanks to Made In China it didn't workout that way or well at all.

Thursday was Music class and we only had 5 kids because one of our little boys was sick.  It was pretty uneventful and well sadly at this point I cannot quite remember what we talked about.  I think, oh wait never mind we talked about Cuba and did a little Salsa dance. 

Friday well was just a run around day and lucky for me Annie Teacher told me I could just go chill out in the teachers room. 

And well that was that. 

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Chas said...

I LOVE the Bob in the Box story. It cracked me up! :)