Friday, June 24, 2011


I am still here just really not been in a blogging mood the past few days.  I would say that life is now dull that I am home but that would be a lie.  Every time I go to sit down and try to think of what I want to say (because you know I had such great ideas until I turned on my computer, ate dinner, had a glass of wine with mom and dad and then became a vegetable in front of the TV) my mind goes blank.  So now it is Saturday morning, mom just made a nice breakfast and I am going to try to get something out of my head and on to or rather in to (?) this blog. 

Lets start with today.  Today Chris come back from being in Germany.  As you can guess everyone in the family is excited about this and cannot wait to see him and hear all of his stories.  He lands at 3:30 and mom and I are going to pick him up, maybe stopping to do some shopping on the way.  Ryan is coming over for dinner and we are going to have a much needed family dinner (I mean come on people we have not had one of those sense Christmas). 

Yesterday, well yesterday I got to watch "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"


And I really don't have any idea what to think of this show other than that well it pulls you in like a train wreck. 

Thursday Ryan and I headed up to one of our favorite places:

Only to be remained of the fact that they are slowly killing what we love about it, the old charm and the far away feeling.  They have started adding more shops, more restaurants, and well as we like to say are just kind of making it in to a "Biltmore House Disney World" and there were ton of kids who didn't want to be there and were making sure everyone knew that they were having a bad time, and that they didn't think it was fair they couldn't use their phones in the house, and that it was old, that they were hot, that it was ugly and so on and so forth. 

We then hit up the Farmers Market, a place that seems to never change only to find out that the place we buy all of our strange flavored cheese from had, well, scaled down their operation.  This was quite shocking but only to be one upped by the fact that there was a new cheese place down in the other building, that may actually have better cheese (the jury is still taste testing this theory though).  We split some fried pickles, bought some cheese and headed back home.  It was kind of a rainy day and sadly that always leave me just wanting to curl up with a good book or a movie marathon. 

That night we got take out from a local Mexican restaurant and then finished the final movie in the God Father.  We had been told by some of our friends not to even wast our time on the 3rd one but that sadly just made me want to watch it even more to see what was wrong with it.  It was kind of confusing at first and sadly they were right I didn't like it as much as the 1st or 2nd and I would have to say that 2nd one was my favorite.

 Wednesday I finished one of the projects I started in my room.  I finally took down my tie wall and instead put up 2 collage photo frames with photos of family and friends.  I spent hours on Tuesday going through CD's full of old photos laughing and thinking off all the stories behind them. 

Monday, why can I not recall what I did Monday?  Maybe that was the day I went over to the libaray to find out why they had put a block on my libarary card (I had no idea they could do that) and was told it was becuase I had not varified my address.....umm I have been out of the country for a year.  Anyways it is fixed and I now am once again back on my reading kick because they do ebooks. 

Oh this week I also finally broke down and called (or well had Ryan call) about the crack forming in my Kindle.  They were super nice about it and told me they would send me out a new one right away.  I got my new Kindle in under 3 days and all I have to do now is send them back my old one, for free.  Amazing!  I was worried because it was not a big crack that they wouldn't do anything for me, or that I would have to send it to them and then wait weeks to get it back. 

Anyways, this past week was a great week of randoms and this blog is full of rambaling so where as I feel like I am on an roll and could go on and on I will spare you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh here is a photo one of my students sent me from their field trip to Lotte World.

Sorry it is so big they emailed it to me and I had to copy and paste it.
There you have 3 of our middle school boys, Mikey, Alex, and John.  John was always so great in class, he loved to watch the news and talk about current events and Alex was always good at useing new words.

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