Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over The Ocean & Through The Airport To Mom's House We Go!

Oh where to start where to start on recapping life in a few different blogs? I guess the best most logical place to start is at the beginning well minus the Christmas party witch I will get to later. 

So as just about everyone can guess or already knows Ryan and I went home for Christmas for a very short week.  For the first time in my life the song and concept of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" got played out and to the fullest extent I think possible, well for me any ways. 

We started off by leaving our school at 7 to catch the 7:30 (left at 8) highway bus to Incheon International Airport.  As we waited for the bus we tried not to freeze in what felt like the coldest night we have had yet.  Once on the bus all warm and toasty we just had a short hour and a half bus ride to look forward to, but sadly traffic was crazy so it was more of a three hour ride instead.  Once at the airport we jumped in a taxi van and headed over to the Hyatt which was on the airport grounds and checked in for the night.

Christmas tree in the lobby. 
We settled in with a few mixed drinks and a few episodes of the Simpson's as I checked in with my parents.  We called it a night with the start of "The Sound of Music" and then slept in late Christmas day.  I woke up to find out that Santa had still managed to find me and left me a New Pink iPod Nano that was already loaded down with some of my favorite songs.  I'll tell you that Santa (Ryan) is an amazing man with a few good tricks up his sleeve. We got to enjoy a great Christmas breakfast followed by another chat with my parents as I enjoyed some tea.  Ryan ordered us room service as I enjoyed a nice bath (we don't have a tub in our apartment), we finished "The Sound Of Music" and enjoyed some casadias, spinach, and pizza before packing up and heading over to the airport. 

Traditional Korean Tea Set.  Careful those cups get really HOT!

Our Christmas Lunch and "The Sound of Music"


We could see the airport from our room.
We had a 4:30 flight out so we headed over about 2 to check in and then picked up some chocolate for some friends before boarding a very long flight home.  10 very long hours later, Casablanca, Ramona and Beezus (a cute movie but I wouldn't watch it again), and a few random naps and games of Black Jack we were in LAX around 11 and had some time to kill before our flight out at 1:30 to CLT.  Oddly we didn't have any problems with security or customs making us both wonder what all the fuss has been about.  We enjoyed some lunch at a Touch Down sports bar and then headed to catch the last leg of our very long trip.  We stopped off and got some Dramamine to knock us out for the 6 hour flight ahead of us with no entertainment.  We landed early in CLT at 8:45 and we were off the flight by 9:20 (their was snow in NC and it was making it hard to take off so we had to wait for a gate). 

We were greeted by my family once we passed out of the security area with warm hugs and a few tears.  Ryan and I had successfully made it home for Christmas and to a white Christmas at that!  We had a nice time catching up on a ride home through a winter wonderland.  We arrived at Ryan's parents house about 11:30 (still on Saturday in some odd way of what seems like time travel) to do Christmas with his family and then head off on Sunday to do Christmas with mine. 

We woke up Sunday morning to even more snow and it was still coming down making for a great "Knock off Christmas" with my parents!

More to come later on the whirlwind of a week at home.

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Chas said...

Sounds like your traveling day wasn't too bad. I don't like those long flights and bus rides either.
Ryan was sweet to add songs to your gift! Very thoughtful of him!