Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to Korea We Go

Ok so the trip home as far as the point from hugging mom and dad good bye and walking through security in Charlotte was pretty much dull minus the fact that when New Years hit at home in Korea I was at home with mom and dad still packing talking to my aunt, when New Years hit at home in South Carolina I was in LAX eating dinner waiting on my next flight, and when it hit in LAX I was getting ready to board my final flight back to Korea.

So short hand of the not so fun New Years:

  • Leave the Charlotte airport at 4:45
  • Arrive in LAX 5 hours later around 7:30 (west coast time). The best part about this flight was that I finally got to give my Kindle a try with reading and not just messing around for once on it.  (As everyone already know it was love at first sight.)
  • Eat some pretty good meatloaf for dinner and watch basketball before checking out the Duty Free Shop
  • Wait around for our flight to board for about 4 hours taking a nap, finally finishing/giving up on that pesky book I had been reading.
  • Finally leave out of LAX at 12:30
  • Knock myself out and sleep most of the flight
  • Arrive in Seoul an hour a head of schedule at 5:45 (sadly 11 hours still felt way to long)
  • Go through immigration, collect bags, and go through what had to be my easiest trip through costumes ever.
  • Kill time till 7:20 when the first bus back to our town leaves.
  • Arrive back in Anseong after a short bus ride full of reading around 9:30 and pass out and sleep most of the day away till we finally forced ourselves up to go get some dinner around 5.

Wow when I do it like that it takes not time at all; however as I sit here and try to write it in a fun and interesting way I just can't do it. 

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