Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Hey it's okay,

To just skip the whole intro thing, just go link up with Whispering Writer if you would like to join in.

To have a few long bullets this week.

To really not agree with the fact that people at work are trying to sell things for fundraisers. I agree with fundraisers, I think they are a great thing when done in the right time and place. I know there are many organizations out there that do great things and depend on donations to stay up and running. I also love to give what little I can to different organizations, like Toys for Tots, or the American Heart Foundation, or the March of Dimes, this year I want to give to a charity that works with pancreatic cancer. I made it a goal to give more this year to different things that have touched my life personally. Having said that I don't think it is right to approach people at work and ask them to buy this or that to support this or that. And then when someone says no to try to guilt them into giving, and then to say things like "oh sorry I am not trying to guilt you just point out". So yea short rant but my point is there are many great ways to give back, but don't push me to give back. You don't know what my financial situation is, or what I am already giving. Work is a place that I more or less have to be, and please don't push me to be that b*tch that has to say no in a way that you finally understand after trying to be polite.

To be maybe just a little over excited that I started to clean out my clothes this past weekend, and packed up all my winter cloths and got somewhat organized.

To really not be loving the fact that it was 89 degrees yesterday. I know I live in SC but really it is only April.  I am looking forward to a nice cool 79 degrees today...should be a nice change.

To be loving these storms that we are getting in the afternoon, but to often be wonder where all the rain is that goes with all the dark clouds and noise.

To smile most days when it storms because I remember how when I was a little kid I always thought the thunder was the angels bowling.

To be sad because it is spring break week for the local schools and I always use to spend my spring breaks with my grandparents camping and well now they are both gone so I no longer get to have spring break with them (even if I am now out of school). I remember one of the last things I said to my grandmother as I hugged her good buy and bawled my eyes out was "but grandma who am I going to spend spring break with now" (yes I am been crying as I type that) only to have her say "now I can be with you ever day and not just on spring break". Today as I was walking with mom I couldn't help but think that this is the first spring break that my grandparents get to spend together in Heaven, and I know it is a great one (yes I am smiling as I think about them in their dream camper up in the most beautiful campground ever).

To like The Big Bang Theory but only find it funny maybe 50% of the time.

To tell Ryan things like "You are the bubbles to my Dr. Pepper" and "Your love tickles my heart like the soda bubbles tickle your nose" I may of been on a soda kick but I just don't feel butterflies (or if I do they are lazy) but I do feel bubbles, nice fuzzy, warm, make you smile from ear to ear bubbles.  I some time think Ryan is kind of like "umm ok  baby thanks, I love you too".  Poor boy I really don't know what I would say to that either, I mean it is quite hard to top!

To think those "Reborn" baby dolls that look like real babies are a whole new level of creepy (and no I don't really like wax museums either).  If you don't know what I am talking about check out this from the Today Show http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/46924528. Please feel free to share your thoughts.  And I know everyone can't have kids, this isn't about that. 

To have that be the list of what's okay this week and to be heading off to study some before work, clean up my room a little, and go for a walk with mom. 

Hope you are having a good week!


WhisperingWriter said...

I agree about those reborn dolls. It's fine to like them in the confines of your home. But outside? Yikes.

Steph said...

I don't buy any crap for fundraisers. Most of the money ends up going to the company that sells the junk rather than the school or organization.