Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

I have always known that Tuesdays were not as dreadful as Mondays, but I am slowly learning that they are just a tiny smidgen better than Mondays and not nearly as great as Thursdays as far as "days out from the weekend go".  Anyways it is Tuesdays again....really? I swear we were just here.

Hey, It's Okay:

To still be smiling from the past weekend! It was great! There was great food, great company, great weather, great Church service (even a butter fly releasing...if that is what you would call it) and just nice and relaxing. 

To think it was super cute when one of the little boys yelled out "Bunny" when asked "What is the most important part of Easter" during story time.  I mean I know the answer is Jesus but really he was such a cute little boy.

To love the weather outside (right now...because the weather is back in the 70's) so much that I am willing to suffer the evil wrath of pollen for a few minutes outside at lunch.

To have pigged out just a little bit this past weekend. It was a Holiday that is what people do right?

To be one of those people who prefer a super busy day at work over a slow one.  Call me crazy cut slow days just crawl!

To have caught up on Dance Mom's over the weekend.  I am super happy for Chloe on her 1st place win, and on her scholarship to the summer dance program.  She deserves to win, and she deserves for Abby to be proud of her.  However sadly that didn't happen, Abby was to busy having a melt down because she lost, and because perfect little Maddie failed.  I mean Cloe didn't even get a chance to enjoy either of her accomplishments because everyone was too worried about Maddie.  Ahh anyways I could go on and on about that topic. 

To be skipping the whole Dance Mom's Miami thing....it just looks umm a little too....I don't know over the top. And well really I might be skipping the whole "reality TV" thing for a bit. 

To have bought some 1/2 of Easter candy on Sunday.  They really knew what they were doing when they put those carts with big 1/2 off signs right next to the check out.

Ok well that it for the day.  I am liking up with Whispering Writer so head on over there if you want to join in. 


Rudd Family Circus said...

Glad you are still smiling from your weekend! I love when that happens :) And of course we are allowed and even expected to pig out each and every Holiday. I believe it is a rule :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Dance Moms Miami either.

We're having 70 degree weather as well. Love it.

Steph said...

I prefer busy too.

I only watched Dance Mom's once. I work with one though. (Not one that's on TV. Just a mom that has her 5 year old in about 5000 dance classes.)

Alice said...

I hate slow days at work, they really do drag out. But then again...it's bringing me back to my blog reading and finding cool new blogs to follow. :)

I LOVE dance moms. No one else I know watches it. My daughters what it and got me hooked. I have watched Dance Moms Miami. WAY over the top!

Melissa said...

I wish we had 70 degree weather! Woke up to light snow- thankfully it melted right away! Can't complain too much after the March we had though...

I LOVE Dance Moms! I just have to watch the last episode of Season 1 and I'm all caught up. In Canada, we area couple of episodes behind...Most recent episode was where Melissa sent the letter to the other Dance Moms. I hope Dance Moms Miami is shown in Canada...

Gwen said...

I caught up on Dance Moms too. It's an amazing show and I just love Chloe. But as a true dance mom myself not all of us are crazy. LOL!