Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Well as we all know it is Tuesday so I will just skip the intro and just get to the point to save us all time. Today I am linking up with Whispering Writer  and doing a Hey It's Okay:

To always think that I need to learn to Ball Room dance after watching Dancing With The Stars.

To be 24 and have spent most of my weekend babysitting....hey money is money and the family I sit for has amazing kids.

To have literally no clue about the “Hunger Games" and to really not be too upset about that.

To have to disagree with whoever thought it was a good idea to give Tin Tin a gun. I mean I am pro guns and all but people this is a kids movie.  Who knows though maybe that is typical I don’t watch many kids movies these days I just know when I was a kid they didn’t have guns….well ok maybe the butler in Richie Rich did. 

To have the best mom in the world.  Check out this cute flower arrangement she made me.
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To be slowly eating the jelly beans out of the above flower arrangement.

To be typing this in my pj's and watching the Today Show at 8:40 on a Tuesday morning because I now don't go into work until 10:30.

And a "Hey It's Okay" from dad: To eat Greek yogurt and pretend it is ice cream. 

Hope your having a great week.


Steph said...

I wish I could have one day that I didn't have to work until 10:30, not that I would be able to sleep in or anything.

I have no idea about the Hunger Games either. I hope I don't find out either.

Megan said...

10:30 is great, untill everyone leaves for the day and I am stuck untill 7...then it more or less stinks. Sadly I don't sleep in either, I get up and do everything I would do at night...kind of kills it but does leave more time to "think" about blogging...