Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Today is Tuesday! That means that Monday is done and over with and that it is time to link up with Whispering Writer for "Hey It's Okay"

So today it is okay:

To hate the new blogger set up.  How do I make it go back to the old view?

To have loved Six Flags this past Saturday not only for the rides but also for the people watching. You can see some of the best "What were they thinking" moments there.

To like doing laundry, it kind of makes me feel all grown up and responsible to be doing chores. It's the folding and putting away part that I don't like.

To wonder how much more pollen nature can possible have left this spring to "spit" into the air I breath.

To be ready for May. Why? I don't know there are a lot of fun things going on in May but I don't want to wish April away...well I do but I don't. I think my brain is confused and it thinks that summer is vacation time...but well I'm no longer in school so m y brain is going to be sadly confused when I just keep on keeping on all summer.

To be kind of shocked by what happened last week on the Biggest Loser, I mean people quit because they didn't agree with the others getting a chance to come back? I really like Kim and I hope she somehow wins the final; however she is already really skinny and doesn't have that much to lose were as Conda still could lose a good bit of weight. Really how did she (and her brother) make it so far in the show and still manage to keep on so much weight?

To kind of feel out of the loop when people talk about what they are watching on TV. Most of the time I can't ever remember what comes on when and I sadly don't take the time to watch it on demand. I think most weeks I catch Desperate Housewives, Bones, the Today Show, and the Golden Girls on a regular bases. Oh and maybe 1 out of every 4 episodes of the Biggest Loser on demand. What are you watching? Anything good I am missing?

To tell myself every morning "Today I am going to be as happy as a bird with a French fry" and then at lunch I find myself thinking "I think I'm going to need a bigger French fry”.

To really hope the 6 year old little girl who is missing in Arizona is found ok and it's not another case of something bad happing and the parents trying to cover it up.  If you want to read up on it you can here.

To have that be that for the week.


WhisperingWriter said...

I hate the new setup too. I changed it and then switched it back lol. But I think it says that everyone has to change by the end of the month. I hate change! I still hate the Facebook timeline.

Steph said...

I changed mine back. There was a gear looking thing on the right side. Click that and then you can change it back there. Me no likey.

I can't wait for May either. Our little Button will be here April 30th.

Melissa said...

I hate doing laundry as well. So hubby and I have an agreement. He does laundry and I will clean the bathrooms which he despises cleaning. It all works out in the wash! ;)

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Rudd Family Circus said...

I am way out of the loop on what is on tv. My family will mention something they are watching and I will have no idea what they are talking about because we don't get it here. Oh well :)

- Mighty B said...

"I'm going to need a bigger french fry" HA! I love that - and can completely relate!

Melissa said...

I actually don't mind the whole set up. But, I am also fairly new still to blogger and wasn't 100% used to the old layout. So I think that makes the transition easier for me.

I'm not much of a tv watcher myself. I watch a lot of hockey. But I can't wait for Desperate Housewives to start airing again (even the series is almost over =(