Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Night....

So I tossed around a few titles for this blog like:

Popcorn, Wine, and A Really Fine Time
Is This What Old Is?
23 + Saturday Night + A Kindle + Beads = (A really lame blog title!)

And so on and so forth so I guess I would just call it as it is a Saturday Night!

Now why am I blogging about my Saturday night?  Well honestly because I am just doing what I do best and procrastinating writing my other blogs, the harder ones where I have to put thought and try to figure out what it is I want to say and how to say it.  Like my Lasik one, and it is coming along but slowly. 

Anyways tonight Ryan has headed to Seoul to go out for a guys night with his buddies from last year to celebrate Jose's 24th birthday.  I stayed behind because smoke filled bars are not really my scene with my current cold and I have a perfectly good bottle of wine with my name on it along with a nice cozy bed!  Also I am hoping to catch on of my very good friends online tonight  sometime around 2 am so we can talk about her trip over to Korea! I oddly think I am more excited about that than anyone reading this, unless she is reading it and then it might be a tie.  Anyways to keep myself amused tonight I have all these fun and maybe even elderly a proved fun planned:

-enjoy some wine while lazily eating popcorn, but only after you yell at the mini microwave for not being big enough to hold a bag.
-finish the book I have been reading and maybe even start another one, you know because I am now way beyond hoked on my Kindle.
-watch many many episodes of Soap and rot my brain
-maybe watch a good chick flick or two
-catch up those pesky blog I have been putting off
-reading up and experimenting with the few things I found today at the fabric/bead market. Oddly today I didn't have much luck and maybe it was due to my cold and sleepiness but I was just not in the mood to be there.  I know right? I love this place and today I was not in the mood to look at fabric and beads. 
-and maybe even organize under my stove (you know if I drink just the right amount of wine)
-make a list for the Costco trip tomorrow

A photo of my night
This photo does it no justice! 
And now I think I am off to make some Mac N Cheese!


Chas said...

I could have written a lame Saturday night blog title for myself! Watching husband work all day on a paper while I read from my e reader. ha! I think we are getting old! boo..although the nerd in me will admit I like reading...

I do wanna hear more about your Lasik. You make grocery lists? I only do that when I am making something special. I should do it all the time so we don't forget things. What is that Korean food in the canister that looks like it has meat on it ? Is that rice ?

Megan said...

I am sadly still trying to put together my Lasik thoughts in some sort of order that the rest of the world will understand! I am thinking I will do like a short just basic info for those who like short and to the point, maybe call it my Readers Digest Lasik, and then do one that has a little bit more....rambaling in it.

Ahh the stuff in the can is like a beef broth powder. And yes I always make a list because I don't like having to ride the bus to the store, we have many small mom and pop shops but they are a little pricy.