Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Reader's Digest" Lasik Blog

Ok so I have been putting off this blog in every way possible.  Most of my blogs are very long and full of lots of random rambling; however, I know everyone is busy so I am just going to do the "Reader's Digest" edition of the events right now. 

Ryan and I both had our Lasik done at a very well known eye clinic in Korea called "Gang Nam St. Mary's Eye Center" and if you are one of those people who just like to check out web sights feel free to check theirs out even though it is all in Korea http://www.4vision.co.kr/

Ok now how do I sum it all up in something short and sweet?  I guess for now I'll just say that the day went very well, I am very pleased, I am in my 4th week of recovery and everything is stabilizing nicely. And anything else that needs to be said right now can be wrapped up with this short line and a few photos:

Lasik-Rada Rada Rada-Sit Still-Rada-Good Good-Rada-Finished! (our doctor more or less speaks English mixed in with Koran and lord knows what else.)

These photos are of when Ryan and Grace teacher had their operation done back in October, Jasmine teacher is in there with Ryan to translate what is going on (when it was my turn we figured we could figure out what those "rada radas" meant for ourselves this time; however, we did have her number on hand in case something went wrong).  Due to the fact that Ryan had to come in and hold my hand to keep me from freaking out we do not have any photos of my "big day".

The view from out in the hallway.

The next few pictures of from the TV screen so that you could see what was going on in the eye.  The first one is of them "buffing" his eye, then they put some alcohol on it, then you can even see the red dots from the laser on the second photo and then the third is the finished eye. It was quite a sight to watch, and little did I know it was an even better sight when your the one in the chair.  More or less to sum it up fast I guess I will just say I felt like a can of green beans being scanned at the grocery store. 

And last but not least that smiling man right down there is Dr. Kim. 

 Ok for more about what went on and my thoughts and feelings as I went through it look for the longer, more thought out blog to come later.  Fell free to comment or email me with any questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you, I know I had tons of questions about all this at first.


Chas said...

I don't know if I asked you this question before but, Could you feel them messing around with your eyes?

Megan said...

Yes you can feel everything, and smell it when the laser "burns" away at your eye. I hope to get more of those kinds of details into the next blog....if I ever get around to it.