Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missing American Cable....

Has led me to falling in love with quite a strange mix of  old shows on DVD and late night Disney shows.

For starters I guess I should start off with a good old favorite of gramps and Ryan, Bonaza. 

Now I really doubt some of my friends have ever seen Bonanza and as dull as an old western show sounds you should really look in to at least a few episodes of this one! For starters it is about a man named Ben Cartwright, his three sons Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe, and the huge ranch they own called the Pondeross. Everyone from near and far has either heard about the Cartwright family or the land they own and ranch. The cast pretty much changes out every episode with the exception of the Cartwright family, their cook Hop Sing, and maybe the sheriff and local paper printer. In every episode there is a problem of some sort or another that the Cartwrights must step in and help out with. At the start of every show you know that good (the Cartwrights) will over come the bad, and well shocker the Cartwrights will save the day. Oddly you think this would get dull; however so far it has been very entertaining to see how they go about solving the different problems that occur.

Next I will move on to something that is in the total oposite dircetion Soap. Soap is a very light hearted, very funny, brain numbing show.

We brought back the complete series on DVD to keep us laughing thought out what has been one very cold winter. This show always brings a smile to my face, however I do find myself getting annoyed of it after an hour or so sometimes, and well then other times when I am in super lazy mood I could watch it all day.

The show started out originally as a parody of day time soap operas, and other than the fact that I sometimes laugh so hard I could pee my pants, and they don't just swap people in and out thinking the audience won't notice like on typical soaps it does a great job of poking fun. The show is about two sisters and their crazy families. When I say crazy I mean it like you think your family is nuts just try living with these people, or hell just let them in your living room via your TV for an hour or so once a week and don't see if your not a little nutter just for watching them. Oddly without giving away some of the funny quirks of the show I don't think there is much more to say other than maybe explaining some of the cast. 
Here we go, the two sisters that tie the families together are Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell.

Lets start with Jessica's side of the family.
Jessica to say it nicely is a little air headed but very sweet.
Chester (Jessica's husband) works with stocks and is a cheating husband.
Their kids:
Billy the youngest
Corinne is in love with Father Timothy, a Catholic priest who tries to avoid her but doesn't do a very good job of it.
Eunice dated a married congressman and is now in love with a murder who is wanted in 10 different states.
And then you have Jessica and Mary's father "The Majo" who suffers for dementia and goes around thinking that WWII is still going on and that he is fighting in the middle of it. He is ver crazy and is my favorite, I have yet to laugh at whatever it is he is up to.
Oh and we can't forget the Tate's very rude butler Benson.

Ok then we have Mary's family. Her first husband was killed by her new husband Burt. I really would have to say that Burt maybe a tad on the crazy side, seeing as how in the current episodes I am on he thinks he can become invisible.
Chuck and Bob are Burt's from his first marriage. Chuck is a ventriloquist and Bob is his dummy. Chuck never goes anywhere without Bob and for the most part you sometimes forget that Bob is a dummy as they have him act like a person to the point where they fight with him, offer him food, and Chuck more or less goes crazy anytime something happens to Bob.  Chuck is very a very sweet boy, where as Bob is quite Rude.
Danny Dallas is Mary's son who he works for the Mob but then trys to get out of it and has to kill Burt but can't so then he goes in to hiding always wearing a different outfit to go out in public. For example a female nurse, a Jewish Rabbi, and a rich prince from the middle east.
Jodie Dallas is another one of Mary's son, he is gay and wants to become a woman, and just found out he is going to be a father.
Peter Campbell is another one of Burt's sons who "teaches tennis" to both Jessica and Corinne Tate. "Teaches Tennis" is code for sleep with.

Sadly those descriptions still doesn't even really show how crazy these people really are.

And the last but not least of my favorite shows right now is Shaun the Sheep.

I really don't know what to say about this show other than that I wish Disney would play it more than twice a week at 1:30 in the morning.  Shaun the Sheep kind of reminds me of Wallace and Gromit.  It has a farmer who seems to be in his own world, a poor sheep dog that tries but somehow never gets it quite right without the help of the sheep that he tends to, there are evil pigs that the sheep sometimes fight with, and a very cute little baby sheep.  Well what am I talking about?  All the sheep are very cute and have such special personalities, or would they be called sheepalities?  Sorry I know corny joke.  Anyways if you love cute little none violent cartoons with no talking and great humor you should check this show out!   

Any why yes I am still procrastinating on my eye blog because well honestly I felt like a can of green beans being bought at Walmart.  I promise though I have started it....just not finished it. 

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