Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Day's Of Happies

Happy Tuesday!

I am stuck between how in the world is it only Tuesday and how in the world is it already Tuesday?

Ok so it's almost been a week.....my bad.... I know but things are crazy around here right now and most likely will be through the end of the year.  I have still been trying to just jot down a "Happies" for the day so when I get a chance I can update my little corner of the internet.

Thursday the 10th - Opened my check to find that I got an extra little bump due to at 95% average on my monthly reviews. 

Friday the 11th - After work we headed over to my parents to enjoy an evening by the campfire enjoying a few drinks and conversation. Really I sometimes think if it was possible to laugh too much that my family would do it, but lucky for us you can't laugh to much.

Saturday the 12th - Once I was done working Ryan and I got to do a walk though with our parents of our soon to be house.  Then I got to enjoy and afternoon shopping trip with my parents followed up with some beers watching some football and enjoying wings.  Wrapped the night up with an amazing sushi date under the moon light up at the boat landing.  Really Saturday was just a day full of happies!

Sunday the 13th - Enjoyed another date under the moon light up at the boat dock.  Hey when I find something that makes me happy I make a note of it!

Monday the 14th - Felt yucky all day long and just wanted to come home and crawl in bed.  Came home and found that Ryan had gotten everything ready for dinner so I wouldn't have to do it, and watched a few episodes of the Twilight Zone with me.  Aww he is such a good man!

Tuesday the 15th - Well today has pretty much been a repeat of yesterday, but today's happies will just have to be that the Biggest Loser started again. Oh and I stopped by my parents house to pick up some of my fall like clothing and I got to sit down and talk to my dad over a piece of cake my mom had made. 

Yea some days have better happies than others but at the end of the day its just kind of nice to sit back and think of something that was good that day.  It is way too easy to just fall into "my life stinks," "life is hard," "life isn't fair," "other people are so lucky," and just so on and so forth but falling into those little pity parties does no good and just brings me down.  So everyday may not be great but everyday will at least have one good thing in it!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

How wonderful to have the dinner fixings all ready to go.