Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Day's Of Happies!

Happy Thursday!
This morning when I woke up I thought it was Friday for probably the first 30 minutes or so before reality set in, and boy was it a hard one.  I mean how in the world is it ONLY Thursday?
I have seen people doing "31 Day's Of....." all around the blog world.  Some are doing "31 Things I Love" (over at A Complete Waste Of Makeup) someone else is doing "31 Day's of Kindness" (over at Brunch With Amber) and after a few days of thinking about it I decided that I want to "31 Day's Of Happies" and I know that is not a word but I like it better than happiness. Why I can't tell you but I do!
Why did I pick "31 Day's Of Happies"? Well there is a lot going on right now and most days it is just easy to say "wow I had a bad day" or "wow this week is killer" or whatever, I mean it is so much easier to look at the bad things that happened that day and share those with your friends and family than it is to share the good sometimes.  Sometimes it even seems like a contest to see who had the worst day/week.  So in order to keep from losing my mind over the next month as all kinds of things change, and all kinds of things happen.  Oh I am excited for some things to come, but stressing over others. 
So I might be a few days late but you know what they say "Better late than never right?" Or as Blanch from the Golden Girls would say:
only Blanche!
"31 Day's Of Happies"
October 1st:
Hands down today I would have to say some of the wonderful ladies I work with.  A vendor brought in pizza today for everyone and as I was getting pizza for other ladies in my department a coworker/friend asked if on my second trip (yes they all think I am a waitress) would stop by her desk to get her cup to refill it with tea.  Well as she was handing it to me it slipped, the ice and left over tea spilled all over the papers spread out on her desk, her keyboard, and her WHITE dress.  Being the amazing person she is, she just laughed it off as I scrambled around to clean it up. She just laughed and said, "Meg chill it's okay" and well she really meant it.  She made a joke about it but never got upset or mad like some people would of.  The fact that she can make a joke out of anything and just let things slide off her back like that are one of the many reasons I call her a friend (even outside of work).
October 2nd:
After stressing for the past day or two over the government shutdown it made me so happy to find out that it will not be affecting our FHA loan like we originally thought.  Y'all we have be in negotiations on 3 houses already, fell in love with some way outside our budget, and some that well needed some major work but were on the perfect lot! So I am still jumping up and down over this news that our loan will not be affected.
October 3rd (today):
Today started off tuff and has just been one of those "one foot in front of the other" days all day. For starters the cat ate/destroyed my omelet so we had a nice little show down that just left me upset. I was running late for work, callers all seemed to be having about the same kind of day I was, and it was just.....ahhh.  So what made me happy today? After work I stopped by my parents to drop off some ribbons for my mom and pick up my apartment key (I asked her to check on Mr. Kitty and maybe talk to him about his attitude) and as always they just made me laugh.  A laugh that I needed because y'all I felt like I was about fried.  And y'all it also makes me so happy to know my mom will drive across town to see my cat.  So even at the amazing age of 25, I sometimes still just need my mom to tell me that it will be ok! Well that and a hug!
So I am only 3 days in, but taking the time to stop and think about something good that happened that day, or something that made me smile/laugh/happy is just nice.  It really does put you in a better mood than when you are sitting there thinking of all the bad things that happened that day.  So maybe by the end of this month this will be a habit and something I just do naturally. 
What has made you happy today?

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