Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Day's of Happies!

So I am a few days behind (again) but I was enjoying my weekend and figured I could update today. So let's catch up.

Friday the 4th:
Friday was national taco, cinnamon roll, and vadka day but oddly none of those have anything to do with my Friday happier. Friday felt forever long and I might of been in super witch mood when I got home. So Ryan and I had a date night in with some Thai food takeout and The Great Gatsby. This time just cuddled up on the couch and logging out was a nice way to end a crazy week.

Saturday the 5th:
Well this whole day was just amazingly full of Happies! From the time I left with my mom to go to the farmers market, to lunch with Ryan's grandma, to an afternoon on the porch,to mountain drive with the top down to enjoy dinner at Lak Lure as the sun set.

Sunday the 6th:
I'm sure it sounds a little crazy but I would have to say vacuuming. My mom let me borrow her vacuum (because well mine is less than stellar) so I could do some major cat hair. control and it's just nice to know there is a little less of Mr. Kitty all over everything.

Monday the 7th:
Found the little thing that holds the Kcups. Oh the cup off coffee around noon was just the bost I needed on this rainy Monday. Sadly the little bigger was under some clean dishes drying, looks like I owe Mr. Kitty an apology for accusing him of being an evil mastermind.

And sadly now my lunch break is over.

What has made you happy today?

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