Monday, June 17, 2013

This Weekend I.......

I have not linked up for a "This Weekend I...." in a long time but this weekend was a blast!

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Ryan and I started the weekend off right Friday night and it just carried on through the weekend!

I pigged out on pizza and hot wings.
I watched "Oz The Great And Powerful"....it was ok.

 Photo from Google.

I enjoyed some of the new Malibu 70 Calorie Rum, not half bad. I mixed it with some water, and a little lemon juice.

I was up and at mom's by 7:30 to head to the local Farmer's Market
I washed and vacuumed my car.
I enjoyed the BBQ festival with Ryan and my family.

I watched a magic show (the best in its price range....free)
I watched Ryan dress up as a chicken, I was proud of how he was such a good sport.
I walked through a car show and listened to old music.
I enjoyed some beer and Blues.
I drove did a neighborhood drive by to check out some houses.
I went to Joe's Crab Shack with Ryan's family for dinner.
I enjoyed and evening on the back porch talking.

Photo: BBQ Festival with the family.

I slept in late (8:00)
I went to Ollie's to see if I could find Mr. Kitty a bigger litter box (it was a no go he is now using a  Rubbermaid container....I think he thinks it is a sandbox)
I did another neighborhood drive by.
I did a quick run through Costco
I was lazy for a bit
I enjoyed a nice dinner over at my parents for Father's Day
I did yet anther neighborhood drive by, before getting "neighborhood-ed" out for the weekend.
I crashed out!
And now I am super sad that the weekend it over. 

I had more photos but blogger and I are not on the same page at the moment.


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