Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey It's Okay

It's Tuesday and that means it is a time to link up for "Hey, It's Okay" with "Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at A Time"

That it is only Tuesday....how in the world is it only Tuesday??

That I have still yet to finish my trip post.

That when it comes to finding a house I apparently have some odd request.

To not understand how someone can say they don't understand how they have not lost/gained weight when they are stuffing their face all day long with junk food.

To have to remind myself that when I am driving it is best to wave with all 5 fingers and not just 1.

That Mr. Kitty is using a Rubbermaid tote as a litter box and he may or may not think it is a toy now.....

To love that I got to spend some time outside this weekend.

To have put suntan lotion everywhere.....but my head and to now have a nice red and I mean RED strip of sunburn going down where my part was.

To not understand how the girl next doors dog barks until 2 am just about every night. 

To have puppies on the brain this week.....a customer brought the cutest puppy yesterday when I was on break. She was an 8 week old bulldog named Abby.

To have tossed out a pair of shoes....that were not workout shoes or work shoes....but instead cute sandals.  They broke and I can fix them but then I remembered that I had so many other pairs of shoes that didn't need to be fixed....and had to toss them out.

To be loving the rain we are getting now that I am home all snug as a bug in my apartment. 

To be so very thankful that this day is almost over!

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AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I also put on suntan lotion and I still manage to burn. Ahh well.