Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Table Rock Hike

Check it out I am wrapping up a blog that I started (or well really I am over at Ryan's having a spaghetti date night but I thought ahead and finished this up last night)....well over a month ago! Also sorry about the photos being so huge, photobucket and I were not getting along at all and I didn't want to put this post off any more than I already have.

The past few days if not maybe weeks those of us in South Carolina have been blessed with spring like weather in the 60's.  So Tuesday (January 31) I thought that it might be fun for Ryan and I to go out for a hike.

Always it started out with sayings like:
-Oh I am so excited
-This is going to be so fun
-I cannot wait to get to the top
-I love to hike we should do this more often

A few photos from the start:

The start of the steps that I was more than happy to skip up.

Then as we got started on the hike and hit some of the uphill areas you would hear me say things like: -Crap I thought I was in better shape than this
-Why do I always think this is going to be fun
-Sorry I dragged you out here for this torture
-Really now who came up with the crazy idea to hike up a huge hill for fun?

Here are a few photos from when we started hitting the hard stuff:

Most people stop here thinking they reached the top...
But it is not...that red tree shows where the trail leads next.
And then a little closer to the top: -We can do this!
-I didn't come this far to turn around
-Do you want to turn around?
-Hold on I need to rest
-I cannot wait to get the the top

Here are a few from the almost top:
The highest point but still not the end.
And then finally at the top:
-I feel like I just accomplished something!
-Wasn't that fun?
-I'm going to sit here for a few minutes and just take a break and enjoy the view.
-I love this, we should do this more often!

A few photos from the top:
One of my favorite places to sit and chill.
I always feel so close to the sky.
Everything looked so sad and dead
I love to just sit here and enjoy a good sub with Ryan and just let go and relax.
After about 30 minutes of nice quite bliss it hits me that I have to go back down the same way I came up and things get said:
-Going down is easier than coming up right?
-How do some of the old people we saw coming up here make it.  I mean getting up here is hard enough but really how do they not fall flat on their faces going down?
-I wish I could fly like the birds do.

Then once I really start heading back down:
-Wow this is easy.
-Oh I am so lucky I have yet to break my neck.
-Ouch that tree hit me.
-Crap how did I get up here...were my legs this short on the way up?

The only photo from the way down, really I would of taken more but I was trying not to fall and break my neck.

 And then once we back at the bottom and I am safe and sound with lost of smiles you hear:
-That was so much fun!
-I cannot wait to come back!
-Didn't you have fun?

Yea poor Ryan might be bringing his Ipod next time, I may or may not talk... A LOT.  Either way Ryan is always a trooper (sometimes not the happiest trooper) when it comes to my crazy hikes that I just randomly request we go on. 

I cannot wait to do this again, and with spring almost here I cannot wait to see things being, I don't know a little bit more lively!

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