Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where did last week go?

Some how last week came and went and all the great blogs that I had rolling around in my head never got posted.  I really do wish that I could just think it and then it would appear in blog world for one final prof read before being published.

I guess before I get ahead of myself I need to update on a few things.  I'll start with how the whole pimple thing is going and as I start my third week I have to say that it is going great and my skin seems to really be clearing up.  Now some might find this odd but I love that its almost like the pimples I do get are healing from the inside out and there is no nasty puss.  I have some dryness but  have found that to be the case with most creams I use. This one however does not have the burning, the itching, the redness, and best of all no nasty smell!

As far as fitness went last week it didn't.  I know your just dieing to hear my great excuse but sadly all I have is a lame one about how I picked up a temp job and things got busy at my mall job and it rained all week and no one wants to workout when it rains they just want to sleep and watch Married With Children and so on and so forth, I'm really not proud of myself.  I did so good my frst week and spent some much needed love/hate time with the kettleball and Jillian thee times hanging in there twenty out of thirty minutes. If you have ever done this particular workout you would know why I call it quits when she gets to those crazy Turkish things.  I did eat pretty good most of last week though sticking to subway on my lunch breaks from the temp job and then eating he other half of my sub later when I was working at the mall.  And then well the weekend was spent camping and all I have to say is Jumbo marsh mellows, Smores, and Smirnoff Cranberry Lime, but more about all that later.

This week I'm doing a little better yesterday I woke up and felt like a zombie thanks to sinus problems so I skipped off half heartedly to finish my temp job before returning home to sleep away the day.  Today mom and I did walk before my interview but I think that good effort was blown when dad and I went out to eat afterwards and got Greek Baked Chicken witch was amazing but swimming in oil. The plan for tomorrow is to walk with mom, try to beat Jillian (hopefully without calling her to many bad names ), eat healthy, and then meet one of my best friends Chelsey for a beer.

Well for now that at least catches you up on those to fun topics, but I guess not to much else.  I have a few bogs about trips started, and other things I am going to try to finish this week from way back when, like hey I went to Alaska like three months ago!  So yea I'll get on that and others.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  

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