Monday, October 3, 2011

Meaningful Monday

I haven't done a Meaningful Monday in well, maybe weeks, no I am almost 100% sure it has been weeks.

Anyways lets get started:

1)I am so amazingly thankful for this great weather we have been having!  I am now in the mood for camping, fires, chili, blankets, books, mountains, cute kids Halloween shows/movies, hiking, pumpkins, apples, pies, Thanksgiving, and well just all things FALL!

2)I also should be thankful that I have been able to get some hours at the mall again to keep me doing something with my time as I look for a job.  I don't love my job or hate my job at the mall it is just a part time job that has great days and has days that well make me want to quite and go home and hide under the covers from all the scary angry people.

3) Ryan has been amazing with helping me out at the store.  Friday I was left with all the freight to do and had customers back to back so he came up to help me unload it all and put it all away.  This weekend the Christmas tree at work also had to go up and the girl I work with...well lets not talk about her this isn't about her.  So Ryan came up Friday to help me get the tree down off where we store it and then came back yesterday to help me put it up, and change out light bulbs at the store.  How did I get so lukcy?

4) Mom for making awesome veggie chili and pumpkin bread yesterday, and well spaghetti squash, and well all kinds of healthy good food all the time. Also we cannot forget all the other amazing stuff she does on a daily basis.

5) I am both thankful for the Reebok Shoe event being over and the fact that I got the chance to work the event.  I wouldn't say it was fun but it wasn't really that bad.  A little hot yes but at the same time I got to organize shoes....I found this to be a challenge. 

6) For the library, but really I think I say that one all the time.  However this time I have a new reason, well two. 1) They now have books for the Kindle. 2) They have Desperate Housewives on DVD and are feeding my addiction to pig outs and cuddling marathons.

7) For dad helping me figure out how to get the photos off my new phone and on to my computer.  Now maybe I can have photos of all the crazy things I see.  We also can't forget that he is letting me live back at home as I look for a job and try to get on my feet. I am so lucky that my family can take me back in and help me out.

8) For life, even though it is hard, confusing, and great all wrapped up into one confusing bubble.

As always I have a lot more to be thankful for, I even made a list but for now these sound good to me.  Oh and I cannot forget the last one and most important one, I am thankful for my family, mom, dad, brother, Ryan, dog, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and friends. They make my life special.  

What are you thankful for?

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