Monday, October 3, 2011

I guess somethings you just don't grow out of....

....like acne...I mean come on now face I am 23. You and your little temper tantrums all over my face need to stop, it was ok when I was in middle/high school. I mean everyone had pimples but now I am 23 (in case you missed that the first time I said it), I have grown out of most of my temper tantrums I think it’s about time you do too!

I tried to Google a picture of pimples to place here, you know to keep you entertained but I couldn't stomach them long enough to pick one, so really I did you a favor by skipping that ingenious idea.

All joking aside I have just been trying to ignore the pimples that pop up all over my face, but I don't want to ignore them, and I don't want to feel like every time I am talking to someone they are not looking at me but instead staring at my pimples. So having the amazing mom I do she took me to see an esthetician, and well she was really sweet and told me about a lot of different things I can do to hopefully help clear up my face like:

-Wash my face with cold water, and rinse with cold water after a hot shower (acne breads in hot/warm water...this I would of never guessed)
-Wash out all my makeup brushes and keep my pillow cases clean (I have been told this one before but sadly don't always do it).
-Eat lots of Zink! (This one is new to me)
-Drink 8 glasses of water a day (I don't know how some people pull that one off I am lucky if I get 6 glasses of water in a day)
-Vitamin C

She also recommended some new products to try from Skin Ceuticals.
-Purifying cleanser to wash my face with twice a day (until now I have been using Sensaria)
-Retinol 1.0 cream to use every three days (she warned me that I would peel for the first few weeks but peeling over pimples? Ok!)
-Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 to use everyday rain or shine!

Up until now I had only ever gone to a dermatologist, and well she was great but I never really felt like my sink was every going to be clear enough for her.  We tried just about every topical cream and did Accutane twice, once in high school and once in collage.  Both times it tore me up, dry skin, ingrown toes, achy joints, so on and so forth.  So where as it did help with my acne it was really not worth it.  Let's see if this esthetician can help me out, without all the pain!

Anyways it is so nice to have a mom who not only loves me and gives me the support I need, but also helps me with the all the different things I need.

I am thinking of doing week to week photos to see if my face really does clear up.  Maybe I'll post them once I get a few weeks in.

Yep this is life right now people, pimple post.....

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