Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I would love to call this post....

Trying To Get Fit Tuesday

But really now we all know I am not too good at keeping up with things like that, you know weekly post.

So Biggest Loser is back on and I know that I cannot be the only one out there who loves it! I have always loved it, why? I really have no clue, maybe something about watching fat people sweat, cry, scream, plot and then there is always the challenge of trying to guess who is going to lose how much weight. Side note for some reason watching other people workout makes me super hungry, and most of the time leads to me eating ice cream, chips, or some sort of junk food. Are you watching Biggest Loser this year? What are your thoughts? I am sort of kind of liking the way the broke up the different ages, and I love that Bob's team full of "middle aged" people keep winning (well I don't know if they did tonight or not because I missed it) but I'm also really missing Jillian.

I wish I could say that the Biggest Loser has re-motivated me to lose weight. I guess that would make a lot of sense but it hasn't I just have been on the lose weight bandwagon for years. I lose it, I gain it, I lose it, I gain it, and that's really not healthy. Why am I sharing my push to get off the bandwagon and onto the healthy wagon? I honestly have no clue, but a friend posted something I found very interesting the other day on facebook:

"Ok so here are your options, be fat and no one will like u, be thin and u wont like yourself".

I don't agree with that, I agree with being healthy and happy. I am not too sure why this person thinks you won't like yourself when you’re thin....but that is another topic all together. I just find it interesting that someone feels this way and makes me wonder what other people think and feel about the whole fat thing. I don't get too down on myself for gaining weight often, no wait I lie (but only a little) just about every time something in my closet doesn't fit, or when my face is just "puffy", but really that is only like once or twice a week. So why do I want to lose weight/get healthy? I miss my cloths fitting, being confident in what I have on when I step out, and just feeling great! I miss being able to just go out and working my stress out and having control over my life (at least one part of it).

So yesterday I decided to do the Shred-Shred-It With Weights by Jillian Michales (did I just say I missed her a few mintues ago? I lied she is crazy!) and afterwards my legs just kind of shook, and my arms were all spaghetti feeling. To me this was crazy! I thought to myself that maybe it was just my new RunTones from Reebok that I got for working the Reebok Sale a few weeks ago. I mean come on I walk 3 miles a day with mom, so this workout should have been easy. Really I am not that much in denial so that thought only lasted about 10 minutes. I mean 3 miles is really nothing, and what is even worse is I only made it 20 minutes into the workout. Please note the work out was only 30 minutes so I almost made it....however, I wasn't playing horse shoes so I guess almost doesn't count. I took today off (doing it every other day for the first week) from it but still walking I still walked with mom. Really I am not the type to work myself out till I can't move or do anything else. I would rather get there slow than hurt myself and not get anywhere.

What is that quote...."Fitness is not a destination it is a journey"....I have always loved that quote.

I have kept a food journal on and off of what I eat every day, never really going into the calories of it all thought because well, I am just not that hardcore. I do it mostly because I like to be able to look back at what I ate that day/week/month and how my weight is doing in comparison. Also sometimes I am about to just pig out and then think to myself "do I really want to have to write all this down?" and then just kind of halfway pig out. Sadly there are some days I feel like I could eat and eat and never be full and then some days I am just not hungry. Is that a girl thing by any chance?

So let’s see I guess I should tell you my current weight, and oddly this feeling is not as scary as I thought it would be, I mean it's not like you can't look at me and tell I am carrying some extra weight....but I'm not fat, or big boned (I learned in health class there is no such thing), I am just over weight for my height (5'2") Wow I think I am stalling (can you stall in a blog?). 150...there I just spit it out. My healthy weight range is anything from 100-130. Oddly this is the heaviest I have ever been, I was 150 a few years ago and yet I looked a lot bigger, however I wasn't working out at all then so maybe....well who knows.

What is my goal weight? I was 125 in high school but I also played soccer year around, could run 5 miles, did Tae Bo, went to physical therapy for my knee and hip (those guys know how to work you out hard core, I mean I had a 6 pack when I was done). So what happened? Well I graduated and didn't want to play soccer anymore, I wanted free time, I wanted to sit on the couch and chill. Well dang it if that didn't catch up with me fast, and now well....if I could go back and tell my in shape self anything it would be to stay in shape...it is hard to get back in shape, even more so when there is not a coach on your back making you do the drills, and run the miles.

So now you know my goal weight. I need to be somewhat reasonable with myself and my goal. I was quite happy at 130 so maybe that should be my goal; however it is really not the goal that is important. What is important is that I get back in shape and just being healthy. I really want to live a long life full of adventures, so I need to start taking care of myself now.
Anyone have any tips or hints?


WhisperingWriter said...

I'm trying to lose weight as well. I try to work out at least twice per week. Sometimes more, if I have time. It sucks. But I am trying to get healthier. Granted, I still love fast food..

Megan said...

Oh fast food is great but what is even better is junk food, cookie cakes, candy, natchos, wings, yummy!