Monday, July 1, 2013

Motivation Monday (6)

I think it is time for a post that I have more or less just ignored the past few weeks.....
Motivation Monday....or better known as MOOOO Monday this week.  No really we have been doing a "Healthier You / Biggest Loser" at work.  The time frame is 12 weeks, we have 3 weeks left.  At week 1 I was 152 pounds, for most of the challenge I have bounced between 155 and 157....yea I think I missed the point of the game.....
Last week I just got sick of all the extra weight I am carrying around, the fact that I own a ton of cloths that don't fit, the fact that I am not happy in my own body, and that I know I can be a healthy fit person.....
So I printed out one of the many copies of the "Couch To 5K" workout that is floating around on the web, and started it today.  Why today?
Well today is:
-A Monday
-The first day of a new month
-The first day of the 2nd half of the year
Seemed like the perfect time to start something new to me.
So I did, and it was not fun, and I am in way worst shape than I thought I was....but you have to start some where!
So today at 155 pounds I am going to make it my goal (again) to get it right this time, to get healthy, and to make it a point of living a healthy life!
I am bad about losing weight, gaining weight, but that is not even what bothers me. What bothers me is I was once really good shape, then I graduated from High School, stopped playing soccer and no longer had someone in my face everyday telling me to workout, telling me to push myself hard, telling me that not only could I do it but I was going to do it. 
My family is very healthy, biking, walking, running, just over all active....I use to be the same way and well then I just got lazy.  I want to be able to do these things with them without holding them back, or having to stop to catch my breath. 
I want to learn to push myself without having to have someone push me for me. I want to stop making fitness progress only to fall back right to where I was when I started.  I want to stop starting over, but in order to do that first I have to start!
Motivation Monday! Workout Motivation Quote
Hope everyone had a great Monday! Anyone else trying to get back on the weight loss bandwagon?

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