Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivation Monday (5)

Ok so I haven't been on here much  but I want to do a quick on and just get something out there so I have something to look back at. Sadly the past few weeks have been so crazy I really cant tell you what days I worked out and what days I didn't and I know I did a really bad job of eating better....well I eat well for breakfast and lunch but then we always had something going on for dinner. 

Anyways on to the point  I have started doing the FitIn90 workouts in the morning along with a quick interval jog on the treadmill.  Sadly I can't do the aerobics part of the workout because it kills my knees and my feet cramp up but so far I love the warm up and the weight videos they have. 

So as an extra push to get my butt back into gear I have decided to try a spin class on Mondays and Wednesday when I get off work....it's now Monday night....and I have now been to my first spin class ever.  This morning I found this on Self.com:

5 Beginner Spin Class Tips So You Look Like a Pro: SELF.com

and thought I was ready for class.  I drank a lot of water all day, had a nice healthy snack 30 minutes or so before class, and tried to do what it said with my feet.  That being said my butt hurts and I don't mean like ouch that is uncomfy but I mean like HURTS.  

So to make it a little less scary I went to a class taught by a woman who use to work at the same place my dad worked and I have met a few times.  She was super nice and helped me get my 1st bike situated.  Yep I said 1st because after we started and got through the warm up the bike started to make a strange sound so she had me switch bikes and helped me get situated on my 2nd bike only to find out that the handle bars would not stay in place on that one and then the 3rd bike didn't have foot straps and well the 4th seemed to be a winner.  So at this point everyone in class has now noticed the new person....after that though things went pretty smoothly until my water would not stay in the holder and kept falling out, and the fact that when they would say to add resistance I would go the wrong way and spent half the class trying to figure out what was wrong with my bike...opps turns out it was me and I just know nothing about bikes.

Anyways all and all I liked it...thanks to the pain in my butt it felt like the hour was never going to end but now I kind of know what to expect on Wednesday.  Now I don't have to kind of take it easy I can go all in because I know what to expect.  Now I will have been to at least one spin class so I wont be the "new girl"!

Any tips on:

Keeping my feet from cramping up doing aerobics?
Not sucking wind and looking like a circus bear riding a unicycle in spin class?  This is how I felt and I still worry about this.

As far as food goes this past week I did do better, cooked more and mom was nice enough to share her Weight Watchers calculator thing...and it is both cool and super evil all at the same time!

Now I am off to hit the shower, spin class will really make you break a sweat!

Hope everyone had a great Monday, mine was kind of bumpy today but at least it ended on a good note!

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