Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey it's okay

to wonder what the hell is wrong with people these days and to be praying for those affected yesterday.

to be typing this up on my lunch so please ignore any crazy words my kindle likes to try to guess what  going to say next.

to have a lot of different things on  mind but I'm not sure how to put it and well I'm not one of those bloggers that puts it all out there unless I'm ready.

to be ready for this pollen to be over. i love how green everything is but i also love to breath.

to not  ready for all the  and snakes at come with a SC spring/summer.

to be way behind on my reading goals.

o be more than ready for our quick trip down to Charleston this weekend.

to be out of time. hope this isn't too choppy.

hope you are haveing a great Tuesday!

go link p h Amber and join in  fun!

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