Friday, August 19, 2011

Life is....

Good Fun Funky Dull Crazy Suspenseful Hard Enjoyable Stressful Laughable Sad Confusing Happy........

I could go on and on but really now we all know that life is just life....I really don't think there is just one word you can use to describe it. Everyone has their ups and downs and some days we hate life but then the next week we cannot get over how blessed we are and how great our life is. Do you ever wonder if you are living the same life from day to day when one day your here and the next day your there? How can it be that we can feel so many emotions all in one year, one month, one week or even sometimes one day? I don't quite know if that is one of the great things about life, one of the hard things about life, or one of the parts of life that is something you can't control.

Anyways I have just been floating along living life felling all of these emotions, watching others feel these emotions just trying to do the one thing I know I cannot, figure out life. I don't know why I so badly want to know all the answers about life, or what I would do if I had them. I just like to think it has to be easier to know all the answers....right....well what if I don't like the answers? Can I change them? Well then we get in to faith and destiny and then I start to think of a movie Ryan and I watched a few weeks ago called "The Adjustment Bureau" and how I didn't quite love it or hate it. It was just kind of strange, different, out there, more than I wanted to think for a movie night.

So how has life been over here in the Bartholomew house? Well for starters I still love being home and getting to see my family every day, I mean really some days you just can't make up the stuff my brother is going to say or do, like running around the house with a banjo playing music and pretending to be a ghost....humm well you would have to be here to see it and it is quite funny. I love having my family so close after being away for a year and at the same time kind of miss having my own place, you know for those days you just want to lay around in your PJ's and watch TV all day eating ice cream? Those days don't really fly around this house hold.
Mom, Ryan and I have also been walking about 5 miles a day for the past 3 weeks. I know you’re in shock about this 5 mile a day walk right? Well mom and I use to walk about 3 miles a day and then Ryan started joining us so we upped it to get as much out of our hot Carolina mornings as we can. This all being said none of us have lost a single pound.....please insert shock and awe here.....and we have all cut back what we eat and are making healthier choices (not that we didn't eat pretty good to start out with). So what emotion am I feeling with this? The life is not fair because anyone who drinks Coke, Pepsi, or any other soda can cut it out and just drop 10 pounds like that. Really I don't drink soda, I don't eat junk food, I work out, and nothing.

Ryan and I have been home from Korea for over 2 months now and we are still waiting to get our FBI background checks all in order so we can start applying for new schools. We have gotten our FBI background checks back and now we are just waiting to get them back from Washington where they are getting apostilled now. I know all this just to teach English in Korea, however I love Korea. Then once we get them back and start looking for new schools we have to figure out if we really want to go back to Korea. It is a great experience and it is a job however it is just one more year we both put off finding a job here, even though there don't seem to be any jobs anywhere here. So that is up in the air with to go back or not to go back. Why can't the answer just be plain and simple and right there in bold print on the fridge when I got to get my milk for my coffee tomorrow?

So did I mention that there don't seem to be any jobs anywhere in this town? Well, there are jobs but I don't have a license to drive a truck, I have never driven a forklift, I have experience in sales but not the right kind, I went to college for 4 years so I am lacking in pretty much any experience they want you to have these days.....so well maybe it is just me.....but I am not someone to give up easily so I have been applying for jobs like crazy online and got two calls today about "fast pace marketing jobs" that once I Googled them found out that the first was a door to door sales for windshields and the second one was a business to business sales type of gig where you make commission and well just seemed kind of sketchy. This has lead me to learn something that I have already known but had to relearn again, that if it is too good to be true then it is. I mean both of these places emailed me within 24 hours of when I posted my application and then called and then emailed me again that they called and I needed to get in touch with them before all the positions filled up. In better news I did get a call from a staffing agency who thinks they might have an internship that could turn in to full time work doing Internet research for a company. So fingers crossed for the interview Monday that if I am not right for that job that maybe she has something else for me. I am not a patient person however I am learning that patients is a virtue.

Ryan, Chris and I took my mom to the gun range this Wednesday to let her try out a .22, .32, .38, and a .40 caliber gun. I think she is like me and liked the .22 the best, it has the lest kick and is the easiest to shoot. It was fun but hot, I guess that is what we get for living in the good old south. Ryan and I also hit up the Olive Garden for dinner to check out their all you can eat pasta bowls and somehow we came home with 2 whole to go boxes of pasta. We have been getting into True TV a lot lately and spent the night watching South Beach Tow and some other reposition show.

We have been taking little old lady Claire swimming to work on her back hips and she is improving so well. Today she even swam without any assistance from Ryan or I and it only took the small bribe of an animal cracker. She is such a sweet dog it must stink to have your back end not work.

Last night was Thursday so it was Jersey Shore (guilty pleasure) night and some amazing (as always) take out from Thai Taste. It is shocking at how I use to watch a ton of TV in Korea and we only had 4-6 English channels and now I am home and have tons yet there is really nothing much on I want to watch outside of a few reality shows. Oh have I mentioned that Dance Moms is crazy and I am sucked in? If not it is true and sad all at the same time. I would have to say I am about half on the side of the moms and half of the side of the dance teacher.

School started for Chris this past Thursday and I won’t lie I kind of miss school but not enough to go back for my MBA.

This weekend Ryan is cooking dinner for his family on Sunday with a practice run here on Saturday if it goes well I will post the recipes.

The quilt that my mom and I are making out of all my old soccer shirt has turned more into my mom is making me a kick butt quilt of all my old shirt.  I really need to get some photos of how it is going because it looks really good. 

Oh and I have gotten sucked in to Pinterest and it is so much fun and yet so bad for me.  Let me know if you want an invite to the sight and I will get you hooked up other wise go check out mine and don't judge I have been busy so I have not been pinning to much these past few weeks. http://pinterest.com/meganbart/

Ok and what other random thoughts do I have rolling around in my head……I feel like there is something I am super excited about but just cannot think of right now……oh well if it comes to me I guess I will blog about it again.

Oh yea did I mention that life is just confusing? If not I am sure you can tell! I hope everyone had a great week and has an amazing weekend! Oh Alaska yea I cannot believe it has been over a month sense I have been back…..can I please go back to Alaska?

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Steph said...

Sounds like you have been a busy gal. Good luck finding a job! You'll find something that suits you.