Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap - Just a little late or is it early?

This past last weekend (as in two weeks ago) was amazing, I mean amazing to the point where it is now Thursday Sunday and I am now just thinking "Oh crap I need to blog!". So let’s see if I can recap everything in a nice, short, simple way with some photos and maybe a little explanation here and there.

For starters last weekend we more or less kind of had an "around the world" night with food from our kitchen. It is so great to have a family that is open to trying new things, driving to the next town over to find the food, and then letting us use their kitchen (huge mess I make an all) to cook it and never once complain about it!

We need to go back to last Saturday when we all got to enjoy some German dishes that Chris picked out for us and helped make. Here are some photos of our German meal!

Cheese right off the grill
Some sort of German hotdog with Curry Ketchup.  Mom and Chris made the Curry Ketchup
You have no clue how great this meal was, looking at these photos almost brings back the taste of it all.

We followed it up Sunday with a Korean meal that mom and Ryan helped me make. Mom was amazing and went all over town helping me find the ingredients I needed, and Ryan came over and cooked the meat on the grill when it was about 99 degrees outside. After dinner we all sat around talking and just enjoying the night on the porch as Chris played the guitar.

Kimchi stew I made.  I think it cleared out everyones sinuses.
Cooking the meat (Korean Pork), mushrooms, and onions.  Ryan was such a good sport with the
 fact that it was still about 90 out and the grill was also hot.

Our after dinner music, and Rum Beers.
Monday was the 4th so as always dad cranked up the grill to smoke ribs and chicken wings, and as always they were great! The day was wrapped up with Ryan and Chris killing squirrels, some nice cold adult drinks, and fireworks.

The 4th was also mine and Ryan's anniversary (for dating) and in honor of that we lit some of those super long sparklers, kiss under the fireworks, and spent the day together going back and forth between my parents and his parents.

Below is a photo from our first ever 4th of July together and then there is a photo from our 1st anniversary together up at the Biltmore House.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both just a blur and I have no clue what went on.
Thursday was Dad's 50th Birthday so we had a nice family dinner, some cake, and exchanged gifts.

Bag full of things you need when your 50
Friday night I went out with Chris and Ryan to Cracker Barrel for dinner the wrapped up the night by starting a movie called Rose Red by Steven King. I say start because we got 2 and a half hours into it and then I was ready to pass out so I have my fingers crossed that we can finish it later today. I mean really A) Dear Mr. King why do your movies have to be soooo long B) Why is this house making women disappear and men kill themselves C) And wow the lady from Bones looks so young in this movie.

Saturday I spent the morning trying to pack for Alaska. Later in the day mom and I went over to the new Jo-Ann’s Fabrics that just opened up and had a great time going up and down all the aisle looking at everything and then finding some fabric to go with the t-shirt quilt I am going to make from old soccer shirts. We had Low Country Boil for dinner (one of my favorites) and then mom helped me cut down some of my shirts to start on the quilt.

Sunday I spent working on packing, seeing Ryan's grandma, enjoying dinner with Ryan's family, followed up by some squirrel hunting in the back yard, and finally finishing Rose Red.  As far as my thoughts go on that movie I am still a little confused and just kind of...well I don't know....I liked it a lot but sadly the fact that it was like 3 and a half hours long kind of stinks because I spent most of the movie wanting to know why everything was happening and well then at the end I still don't think I know why everything happened. 

Photo of Clair and her buddy Ryan:

Today is now Monday and I am doing my last minute check for Alaska and trying to contain my excitement.  Tomorrow at 4:15 Ryan and I are off to the airport (thanks in advance dad for the ride) to catch a 5:30 flight to NC then were off to Seattle to catch the bus to the docks to board the boat and start a trip that I never thought I would get to take! Everyone in my family has been to Alaska for one reason or another, be it a cruse for mom and dad or a fishing trip for dad and Chris. I am so excited to finally see what all the fuss is about!

Ok well that is that!  Life is going good and I am looking forward to Alaska and whatever else summer has to offer! 

See you in a week! Hope everyone has a great one!


Steph said...

Sounds like you have been having lots of fun. Have an awesome time in Alaska!

Laura Darling said...

Ooohh that cheese from the grill looks amazing!

Megan said...

Steph Alaska was awesome and then some. I am now just trying to put all my thoughts into words. Laura the cheese was just about as good as Alaska and I am eating some for dinner tonight! I will try to post the name of it soon.

Emily said...

Grilled cheese..mmmm takes the words to a whole new meaning there. What kind of cheese was that?!

Looks like you're traveling all over the place, I hope you have a great time. I haven't been to Alaska yet but have always wanted to do a cruise through there. Enjoy!

And thanks for stopping over to my side of the blog world. =)