Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alaskan Photos

So shame on me I have not been blogging much lately, but in my defense I was in Alaska for a week and have been enjoying time with my family.

If I could go teach English for the summer in Alaska I would in a heartbeat! Anyways so I know I should be sitting down to blog my little arms off all about Alaska but I am still trying to digest it all and figure out what I want to say and just how I want to say it (I was never gifted in the whole writing department). So until then I have uploaded all my photos to Photobucket for you to enjoy. Don't worry if you hate to look through a 1000 random photos I will do a blog later this week with some picked out with captions or more information given. And then once you get me to open up and start blogging about the trip it will turn into two weeks’ worth of post and you will wish I would shut up!

I have not gone through and deleted any or well done much other than flip them all the right side up. I use Photobucket for all my photo storage (even the really bad photos). So I understand if you get board of flipping through them and say to hell with it because well there are a lot and I mean A LOT. I always get a little camera happy on trips and worry that I will get home and think "oh maybe I have not taken enough photos yet, just a few more".

Tuesday we left out of our nice little airport for Charlotte and then from there we were off to Seattle. Most of the photos from the day were just me trying to figuring out how to use the camera and amusing myself as we waited to depart. Seattle was really neat and I wish we could of spent more time there.


There are no photos from Wednesday because it was just a day at sea.
Thursday was a day at Tracy Arm Fjord; however the fog was too thick to see anything so we went to another Fjord who name has seemed to slip my mind. It was so beautiful and even though my parents had gone years ago their photos couldn't prepare me for what I saw and my photos do it no justice at all. There are a ton of them but I promise some are good.


Friday was a fun day in Skagway where we took a ride on a steam train through the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. As you can see I spent the day once again playing with the camera, but hey four hours was a long train ride after a while looking just at trees and whatnot.


Saturday was spent in Juneau whale watching (we got to watch the humpbacks bubble net feed) and taking a hike through the Alaskan rainforest to the Mendenhall Glacier, followed up with some beer drinking at the Alaskan Brewing Company. Oh and to top it off we ate dinner at the steak house and it was quite a way to end the day but more about that later.


Sunday was a sunny, free day spent in Ketchikan just wondering around, shopping and eating some of the most amazing Thai food ever. They say that the sun doesn't shine often in Ketchikan so they claim it is "Catch it if you can (the sun that is)"


Monday was spent mostly at sea but we did stop in Victoria, B.C. for a few hours in the evening and we took a bus tour around the city and did a tour of Craigdarroch Castle. Victoria was very pretty with some super cute houses overlooking the water but enn is all I am going to say about the castle right now. I think the Builtmore House may of built my standards up a little too much.


We arrived back in Seattle on Tuesday the 24th and sadly it was all over. So this last album is just of arrive back in Seattle and any of the photos taken on my old camera/back up camera. See I told you I was hard core about photos.


And for now that is that! I hope everyone is having a good Sunday afternoon!


Steph said...

I'd love to go to Alaska sometime.

The pictures of Seattle make me glad that we never have to go back. All cloudy and crappy like usual.

Megan said...

Ahh but it was so nice and cool in Seattle!! But I also do enjoy the sun and could see what that woudl be a downer everyday.