Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

Hi, Hello, Hey....

Yea so sorry I am not dead just not on "blogging fire".  Whenever I am in the middle of doing something cool, or random, or just I don't know something I think "hey I want to blog about this" and then I can never remember what it is....I really need to start writing things down....

Anyways so congratulations we all made it through Monday and are now ready to take on Tuesday! I figured seeing as how I don't have much to say that Tuesday would be a great day to dip my toe back into the blogging world by linking up with Whispering Writer to do a "Hey It's Okay Tuesday".  So here we go, if it goes well maybe it won't be a month before you see me again!

Hey, It's Okay:

To have not posted for over....a little over 3 weeks, and then that wasn't even really a real post.

To wonder why some people have to be so mean and rude.  I work in customer service, I am there to help you place orders, answer questions, and make your experience an enjoyable one...not so you can treat me like shit.

To have lost weight the past few weeks only to turn around and gain back 5 last week when I was house sitting.  What they had amazing kid's snacks!

To be over the whole "shop class/hammer making class" and to be looking forward to getting these next 2 weeks over with!

To not really have much to blog about right now, life is crazy yet dull all at the same time. 

To have seen Ted a few weeks ago with Ryan and I won't lie at some points I laughed my a$$ off and at others I was like, "wow what are we 12?" but it was better than I thought.

To have found a "To-Do List" in my calender from 2 months ago that I have done maybe 2 things on.  I really need to get on that. 

To have stepped back from Facebook and Blogging and found out that I do have a good bit of free time to do other things, like play card games with my dad, or walk with my mom, or somewhat have an organized life....kind of nice. 

Ok and well that is that I am now headed to try to work off some of this weight I put back on.  Don't you just hate how it takes you forever to lose and no time at all to find again?

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


Nessa said...

I definitely have to work harder and getting off of facebook/blogger etc and doing more actual living.
Working in customer service sure has its bad moments. I wish all people realized that the nicer they are, the more you'll want to help fix whatever's bugging them. Being rude just does the opposite.

WhisperingWriter said...

I want to see Ted. Looks hilarious.

I agree, people are so rude these days.

- Mighty B said...

I also LOVED Ted! I wasn't sure how I would feel about it - a movie about a grown man who has a stuffed bear? But it was hilarious.

I used to work in customer service for an insurance company. I feel your pain. :)

Steph said...

Hope you are doing well!

I totally want to go and see Ted.