Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Night I Learned

That limes DO NOT go into the garbage disposal. After about 3 minutes of wondering if they were ever going to get chopped up and...well disposed of I turned it off only to see that nothing had happened to them. So yes if anyone else out there ever things "Humm my lime water looks like it could use some fresh limes, I think I will toss these old ones in the garbage disposal" don't do that.

Mom if by some odd chance you are reading this don't worry I got said limes out of the garbage disposal and everything is good as new.

Also do not fear I used a pair of tongs (very, very long tongs) to get them out....I would never put my hand in a garbage disposal for one it doesn't seem smart and two it just seems nasty. The tongs then got washed and put back where I found them.

So maybe this is a good sign that this week will be full of useful knowledge! I am now wondering why the limes wouldn't just get all chopped up and disposed of though.....

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Also if you have never tried "lime water" try it, it's amazing and oh so easy.


WhisperingWriter said...

I've made the same mistake before :/

Steph said...

I don't like garbage disposals. Gross.