Monday, February 25, 2013

This Weekend I...

So I am still not back into the swing of blogging like I was but this little old blog does cross my mind a few times a week.  The past few Mondays I have read a lot of blogs that take part in a link up over at Sarah's blog called "Life of Love" and I thought to myself why not join in on some of the fun.


Most Friday's I see my little brother, he will either come over for dinner or we will go meet him downtown some place and then hang out on his back deck and just relax.  This past Friday he came over and I made at meatloaf and baked some broccoli.  After dinner my dad called to see what we were all doing, he and mom later came over and we all enjoyed a few drinks, played/laughed at the kitten, and had a good time together.  Have I ever told you how much I love my family? After a long way they are an amazing way to relax.


Left about 6 ride with Ryan as he made a delivery to one of his customers up in the mountains.  Call me crazy but I love car rides in the mountains, even if it is early in the morning.  Latter we had to take Miss. Kitty to the vet for a check up.  I felt kind of like a bad cat mom when I couldn't fill out half the paper work on her and the only question I could fill out was that my cat was a girl.  Well sadly I even got that one wrong.  The nurse comes in to feel on our poor, scared, little kitten only to say "I would to guess HE is about 5 months old".  HE? I said "But I though it was a she ( I mean under name I put "Miss Kitty / Firestone")?" only to be told "Nope it has balls" so there you have it my cat is not only a boy but he is also much older than we thought.  Did I ever mention I am not a cat person?

That and he was only this big when Ryan brought him home:

Photo: This sweet (and maybe slightly evil) kitty found it's way home with Ryan on Friday....and everyone said I would be the one to bring home a stray!

And he only weighted a pound. Now he is a whopping 6 and looks like this:

Photo: Hope you are having fun! Look who finally sat still long enough for a photo!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy, did some cleaning, might of slipped up and taken a 2 and a half hour nap (those are the best kind!) and then had dinner with Ryan's parents.


Started at most Sunday's do with a trip to Church to watch Chris play in the praise band.  Then we did our weekly grocery shopping with a trip to Costco and the store.  For lunch I made some potato soup, took a nap, then pretty much just kind of floated around doing this and that until it was time for my parents to come over for. 

And then it was over, my beloved weekend.  They always go by so fast and I always and I always feel like I never get anything done (but nap).

How was your weekend?


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