Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lets Catch Up

So...can we just act like the past I don't know 2 months....I mean a lot has happened, there was a lot of change, life was crazy busy, there were ups and downs and everything in between. Right now though I just want to do a quick run down with a few good bit of photos....sorry about the crazy sizes I just ripped them off my Facebook page because my Photobucket is not working at the moment.

Shall we get started?

There was a pumpkin patch date with a hayride out to feed cows, a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, a corn maze and even a burger and chocolate milk to end the day.

There was Halloween at work where they wanted everyone to dress up.

Then there was a nice weekend hike up at Chimney Rock rounded off by lunch on the lake.

Then there was my 25th Birthday that I celebrated with my family. I took a few days off of work and spend Friday with my mom at our local Santa Shop sale, and even I look forward to every year with my mom, and then Monday we spent the days hitting up some of the Veterans Day sales. Yep my birthday is on Veterans Day meaning this girl never gets mail on her birthday because the post office is closed yet I always had to go to school. 

Thanksgiving spent with family and friends.  So the only photo I have right now is a cell phone photo one of our friends took.

Then I got to go see The Tran Siberian Orchestra, and they were amazing.  Sorry the only photos I have from the night is of Ryan and I and one from before I left.

I got to have a Christmas filled weekend to kick off my December:

Friday: I got to watch two of my favorite kids and take them for pizza and out to a local zoo to see Christmas lights and feed the animals.  The kids were so excited that we got to ride in the back of the truck and get up close to the animals.

Saturday we drove up to Black Mountain to take part in a Christmas Parade and it was amazing. This town not only had the small town look and feel but it also had the small town excitement about the holidays.  So many people turned out to watch the parade but I think twice as many people showed up to take part in the parade and hand out candy.  It was so heart warming to see that the small town still does exist.  The people we went up to walk with seemed to know everyone.  His wife is a teacher and all the kids seemed to know her and ran up to her or yelled hi to her and their parents smiled and waved.  At the same time it was also sad because well I guess I got to see what "back woods" is because there were so many people that looked so poor and just like the candy we were giving their kids was as good as money.  I believe before hand we were told that we had about 200 dollars worth of candy to give out, and some how it didn't feel like enough as we gave each child some and it just seemed to make their day.  

Sunday I got to take part in what I would say is a child hood dream for most kids when I got to take a ride on the Polar Express.  A town up in the mountains maybe 2-3 hours away does it every year and this year Ryan surprised me with tickets and it was great, even if I am 25 years old and don't have kids! We got to get on a real train, they sang and danced like in the movie when they brought out our hot coco and cookies, they read us the store, we sang Christmas carols, we got to see Santa's village, and he even got on the train and gave me a bell!

Made a trip up to the Discovery Zone where I learned lots of cool things through Science shows and hands on activities.  Note this was a date not a school field trip.

We ended our educational day with a company dinner.  Guess what I ate? Bore, bison, buffalo, and gator....I think that was it.  Really for me that is crazy because I just have never been a big fan of game food. 

Then there was Christmas with more photos and a post to come later (fingers crossed anyways)

Then came New Years where I celebrated with the family around a camp fire with a little wine but then sadly was in bed before 11.

In the past few months there has also been a lot of cribbage games with dad, a lot of talks with mom, a few camp fires with the family, and a lot of good meals thanks to my mom around the kitchen table and more I am sure I am forgetting.

Ok so there you have it the past few months in a nut shell.  Hope everyone has been doing great!!

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