Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey It's Okay...

To have not blogged in over a month.....the last time I blogged I was 24...as of Sunday I am now 25.....I don't know how I feel about this....and I don't really want to talk about it.

To have no clue what to even blog about these days, life is kind of dull and some of the things going on I don't know if I am ready to just share with the whole world wide web...or handful of people who read this blog.

To not be overly thrilled with the results of last weeks elections....that is all I am going to say about that though.

To have just finished the 2nd book of Fifty Shades of Gray and I am not sure that I really get the whole fascination with it.  I like the love story (if you can call it that) but I feel like every time I turn around the same thing is happening again, and then again, and then again.  I also don't find the writing to be that well done but then again who am I to judge I can't spell worth a damn. 

To not be ready for all the Christmas music yet.

To wonder if I am the only person who didn't know that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were even dating.  It is sad that they broke up though, they are both so cute!

To not understand the whole "Walking Dead" thing....but then again I have only watched a few minutes of it and I am also extremely behind on any kind of show that I watch that's not Bones. Dad is home most Monday's and we watch it together.

To have Windows 8 on my new computer and I more or less kind of hate it.  Maybe once I get use to it I will feel different but until then I can't figure out why it's always jumping from screen to screen and just ahhh everywhere. 

To be overly excited about my new hours at work! I now work 9-5:30!

Ok well look at that a blog post! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Head over to link up with Amber and tell us what your ok with today.


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