Monday, September 26, 2011

The Post That Never Posted

So this was all ready to go about two weeks ago now and I have no clue why it never posted.

And just in case

...you have been missing little old me I guess I should update what is going on in my life, besides my lack of blogging.

Well not much it seems because every time I sit down to blog my mind just goes blank, this was really so much easier to do when every other weekend I was off to explore a new and exciting place, or had kids to keep me on my toes with all the crazy things they said. 

You know what I think we need? Well of course you don't because you can't read my mind but if you could that would be great and we so need to get together and give it a try because who knows what other cool powers you have, or do I have them because you can read my mind? Wait sorry back to what I was saying, we need a photo blog update so rather than just read about what has been going on over here you can see it too!

The quilt mom has been making out of all my old soccer shirts from Ohio:

The pretzels Chris and Ryan helped me shape...sadly they were so-so and so not worth the effort to make them at home, however I am not giving up and will be trying again...just maybe not soon.

Clair got to enjoy a good bit of swimming and fingers crossed the weather is nice and she can go this week.

We are all so proud because she is 12 years old, and this is the first time she has ever really been in a pool, or well water deeper than 2 feet.

Ryan and I went down to Charleston S.C to see his family for a quick few days.

We ate way to much food, went on a ghost walk, ate some more food, went on the Thunder Boat ride, and enjoyed a good home cooked meal by his aunt and uncle.

Ryan and I also went to a wedding for some friends this past weekend (I know your shocked but I really didn't take that many photos).

Mom had a birthday!

Mom and I painted my room, well mostly mom did but I did help.

Ryan, Chris and I took mom to the gun range.

She shot everything from a 20 caliber to a 40 caliber.  In the photo she is shooting the 40 and getting ready for the kick back.  Mom is like me and likes the 20 caliber the best.

I have been spending lots of time here, looking for a job...really I never thought life was going to be like this.  Don't get me wrong I love living at home with my family, because umm they are amazing (I mean have you met my family? No? Wow don't even know what to say to you right now) but I kind of want to get back out there on my own.

And it is hard to find a better view than that.

I think that might be it for the photos and with just what has been going on right now.

Oh wait I did picked up a few hours at the mall and didn't take any pictures but did get to hear some really...interesting things like this:
-Do you have anything in gold? (After spending about 30 minutes wondering around a store full of silver and glass).
-Do you have any bigger money clips? (Then the man pulls out a huge and I mean HUGE wad of cash. I had to walk away at that point because why in the world is someone just walking around with that much cash and showing it off?)
-What if I don't want it to say that? I mean what if my name is not Sarah? How do you change that if it is already on there? (For starters I engrave at work and most of the things have plates we can change out or we give you a new one, the ones on display are just the displays. To make it better this lady had apparently shopped with us before when I went to ring her up.)
-Do you fix clocks? My son bought me this pocket watch for Father's Day and it is broken.  You guys sell junk, no crap...crap....crap....crap!  (I offered to do an exchange or a refund for this nice man and neither one of those made him happy, so after telling everyone that came in for about 20 minutes about all the crap we sell he left unhappy with his broken pocket watch.)
-I have bought so much stuff from here but never use it.  Oh what does this do?  How many of them do you have? Can I get 2?  (Wow you are my dream customer!)

This weekend Ryan is off to see his new nephew with his mom and dad and Chris and I are headed to Ohio to go to Oktoberfest Zinzinnait

*Update everyone is back safe and sound in our lovely little town and Oktoberfest had it's ups and downs but over all was quite a sight to see.

But more about that later and the past week I had at the Reebok Outlet Sale.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready for the week to come. I am ready for fall, pumpkins, colored leaves, soup, pies, hiking, camping, fires, smores, blank weather, and so much more!


Steph said...

Sounds like you've been doing lots of fun stuff.

I laughed out loud at the pretzels. Leave it to boys.

WhisperingWriter said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Mmm, I love pretzels.