Monday, November 29, 2010

W5 Game Day

Ok so I know I posted this on both blogs but I can't help it the notes they wrote they are so cute and I just had to share.

My W5 class maybe one of my favorite classes! They are a mix of 5th and 6th graders with mostly girls and sadly only 2 boys. They are very good at English and can hold conversations well enough that we can free talk about almost anything. This also means that unlike my other classes when the complain the almost always do it in English. They are a very smart class and work really hard; however once in a while they will get talkative or lazy and just not want to work. Lately that have been on a "Game Day" kick and tried to convince me that once a week should be "Game Day" and I had to break their hearts because well we only meet twice a week. So right now I am working on a compromise of every other Friday.

A few weeks ago they all wrote me short little notes about why we should have "Game Day". Just thought I would share a few because they didn't do a half bad job with writing them.

Here is the deal I am thinking about offering them:


  • We can have 2 Friday Game Day's a month.
    • Every other Friday
  • We can only have Game Day if we stay 1 unit ahead of your Grammar Lessons.
    • In order to stay ahead we will have to work the full 45 minutes all the 3 classes leading up to Game Day.
  • We will only play English word games.
    • You can come up with new games and rules if you would like.
    • You can also ask to play special games.
    • Please email me all request or new games a week before Game Day. Mbartlady@aol.com
  • We will NOT have a game day if:
    • There is a lot of extra talking in class
    • There is a lot of playing around in class
    • There is a lot of sleeping in class
    • There is a lot of complaining about working
    • If there is trash from W5 left in my room
    • If there is eating food or chewing gum in class.
    • If you are behind on your homework book.
*Being the teacher of W5 I have the right to take away Game Day from the class as a whole or any single student. I also have the right to move Game Day to another day or end Game Day early if the class is out of control or students are fighting. I also have the right to cancel Game Day indefinitely due to different circumstances.

Ok so the point of this was to find out if anyone knows of any fun English games! I am open to all suggestions and ideas!

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Chas said...

I love the letters and pictures! Rewarding them with a game day sounds better than giving them some "pizza party" that we used to get.

Here's a game: Hangman!