Saturday, November 27, 2010


So quick disclaimer there is no need to worry Ryan and I did not get any puppies.  However we are both huge dog people and cannot image life completely dog less.  So at least once a week we head over to our Lotte Mart to pet the dogs. 

Ryan has fallen in love with a bulldog puppy and her mother.  We have named the puppy Georgia and have become very close to her.  Originally they told us Georgia was not for sale however after seeing us there week after week they made us an offer and sadly if it were not for our work schedules, our traveling, the fact she would eat everything in our apartment, and the fact that we can't fly her home due to her size and pug shaped nose we would take her in a second.   

Here are a few pictures of Georgia and Ryan:

Momma Bulldog and Georgia

She is such a big baby one minute licking your face, then jumping up to try to bite your hand off.

She loves both his pants and shoes

I have fallen in love with three different Miniature Dotson's.  The first one was a little girl puppy that we fell in love with right away.  We had named her Kahlua and after lots of thought and lots of sad puppy dog faces Ryan told me if I really wanted her and was willing to give things up for her I could have her.  So knowing it was not smart but feeling bad for poor Kahlua after seeing her there for four weeks we decided if she was there for two more weeks we would take her home and make it work.  I am both sad and happy to say we went in the next week and she had been adopted.  The next two were twins as I would like to call them, one a girl I named Skipidy and the other a boy I named Doodah.  They were both there for months and after about three Skipidy got adopted but poor Doodah was still there.  This almost lead to an adoption of Doodah however after about four months we went in today to find he had been adopted earlier this week!  I was so very happy yet heart broken because over those four months I had sadly bonded with that cute little puppy more than I should of. 

Here is a not so great picture of Doodah, sadly he doesn't like to be still for more than five seconds. 

So even though Doodah was not there Ryan and I had a great time tonight playing with the every growing Georgia and her mother. 

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Chas said...

Cute! We used to do the same thing in El Paso. We visited the pet store every few weeks to get our fix. Its sad but cute. I'm glad you can play with them. They need the attention. It doesn't look fun to live in a box.