Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday- Good Byes and Farewells

Saturday September 25th

Saturday came way to quick! The week went by in the blink of the eye and I couldn't believe that it was already time to say good bye to my parents and head back to Anseong to get ready for the weeks and months to come before Christmas. I still cannot get over how great of a week we had and was trying hard not to get upset that my parents were leaving already.

Saturday we packed up our last few things and headed over to the Hilton one last time to meet up with my parents and go on one last mini adventure before they had to head to the airport that afternoon. As we checked out and made our way down the hill we tried to come up with a few things we could do with our last few hours. Once we met up with mom and dad we settled on taking the short walk over to Namdaemun Market one last time. Not much was going on and we really weren't looking for anything but we did however stumble on to an area that was all imported food and cleaning items from home! We got a Dawn dish soap and took note of the other things the shops had and where it was to head back another time.

After wondering around a bit we made our way back towards the hotel stopping on the way to get some Quizno's subs for lunch. As mom and I talked on the patio and set up lunch dad and Ryan went across the street to pick up some beers and chips. As we all talked, laughed and drank beer one last time the minutes were flying by. Before I knew it Ryan and I were standing at the curb headed towards Seoul Station waving to mom and dad as they went by on the bus to the airport. Poor Ryan had to keep checking to make sure I was doing ok and not about to just bust in to tears and look like a crazy white woman.

Once I got myself together we headed down to Seoul Square to get some Dos Tacos to go and got on the train for a nice relaxing ride home. Sadly it was all but relaxing as something was really wrong with one of the wheels because it squeaked, rattled and shimmed so bad you couldn't even hear them announcing the stops. After a short bus ride we were back to the apartment that seemed all to quite and empty. Mom and dad were only here one day but it just felt so strange not to have them with us going off for an adventure or laughing about something.

We settled in to watch the last two episodes of the Jersey Shore and eat our Dos Tacos. Our yummy amazing close but not too close Korean Mexican tacos that give us a small feeling of home. 

Well that was our week in a nut shell, a long nut shell that consist of many post; but a nut shell none the less because it doesn't even begin to describe the week.

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