Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War Memorial Of Korea Pictures

Out front they have The Korean War Monument.

Inside the main entry they have the Drum of National Defense

Some of the things they had inside.

Ryan checking out the ammo, they had some huge ones.

The miniature castle they had. We felt like giants, if only a small gang of Koran midgets would of come by.

Then in Memorial Hall they have a room for a memorial called “Creation”. The sunlight, representing Korea, shines on the water in the bowl to symbolize creation and the everlasting nation. The room is amazing and I am sorry that this picture doesn’t begin to show it.

They also had a model of a Turtle Shaped Battleship that was developed by Admiral Yi, Sun-sin during the Joseon Dynasty.

The spikes where to keep people from climbing aboard the ship.

Outside on of the memorials they have is the Statue of Brothers, the elder a South Korean soldier and the younger a North Korean soldier, which symbolizes the situation of Korea’s division. Inside there was some amazing tile work; however it was kind of hard to get a good picture of it. There were also cables running all over the place above our heads to symbolize consecutiveness and a monument in the center of the floor showing the flags of all the countries who had helped Korea over the years.

A mine that they have pull out of the water, there are still tons of these left out there. North Korea even tried to blame the sinking of the South Korean ship earlier this year on one of them.

The museum is also surrounded by a park that has old aircrafts, tanks, ships, and other war things from the Korean War till now.

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Chastity said...

I see you got the pictures to upload! This looks awesome! I love the Drum of National Defense and the Turtle shaped Battleship! I can't believe they used Ammo that big!! Scary stuff! Wow..The statue of Brothers probably would make me cry in person. Sounds like a humbling experience.